and how it works can get pretty in depth and cover a whole 4 year career at most universities. It can began at 0's and 1's and go all the way to scripts and algorythms only a few understand with unbelievably hard terms in the middle like design, color pallettes, fonts, etc. 

   To keep it as simple as possible and to understand a website's function, lets look at the following


     - Domain Name

     - Hosting Server

     - Browser


   Domain Name...

   The domain name, also know as the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), is the name of a given website.  For example, one of the most widely know domain names is  You can see how important it is to know what domain name you are trying to get to. Can you imaging how hard and confusing it would be to find someones house if you don't know the name of the street they live on.  Domain names give us a place to point, at its most basic, our browsers to.  Now, there are more things that go into domain names and how you acquire them but we will leave those for another discussion.  For now, and for beginners, all you should know is that a domain name is the name given to a website you either own or are trying to get to.


   Hosting Server...

   Now, after a person chooses what domain name, or "address", they are going to use, the next thing to look for is where the website will live.  The hosting server will house all the files associated with the website.  Some bigger companies have private servers that house only information for that company.  The rest of us have to rely on hosting servers owned by various Hosting Companies like . These companies basically rent space on their servers for you to house your files on.



   This one comes as no surprise to people. Browsers (Firefox, Safari, Explorer) are the applications / software that a device (computer, cell phone, tablet) use to view websites. A browser will take the domain name of a website, find the hosting server, talk to it, and show the website.


  At its most simple, this is how websites work.  Now please keep in mind, if you got this far, that while i may know a little about alot, I am by no means an expert or an Author as you can tell.